Frequently Asked Questions


Are your estimates free?

 Yes, our estimates are 100% free and are done at no cost to you. 

What are the best turf grasses for the Tampa area?

In our opinion, St. Augustine and Zoysia are the best turf grasses for you to use if you have a functional irrigation system. If your landscape does not have irrigation then we would recommend Bahia grass for your landscape. We recommend that you avoid Bermuda due to the high maintenance costs associated with its care. 

Can I do a rose garden in Florida?


Yes, you can but you need to ensure that you are using varieties suited for your area and that you place them on a separate drip irrigation zone to avoid disease issues. Overhead irrigation can lead to massive disease problems on roses.

Can I have a low maintenance landscape with lots of color?

Absolutely, there are many plant choices for this area that will give you a long term low maintenance landscape that provides color year-round. 

Do you prefer perennials versus annuals in your landscape projects?


Yes, perennials can live for many years versus having to change out annuals every 3-4 months so while the upfront cost is a little higher with perennials you receive a great return on investment over several years by using perennials.

Do you warranty your plants?


Yes, but it is at our discretion. We have no control over your plants once we leave the job site and the care will be your responsibility. If you follow our simple instructions you should not have any problems. 


Do you offer lawn maintenance?


No, we do not but we have providers that we can refer to you.

Does a nice landscape increase the value of my home?

Without a doubt and on average it can increase your value by 5% and up to as much as 10% depending on what type of enhancements you do.

When is the best time to plant?


In Florida with our temperate climate you can plant year-round. We would however recommend that you hold off on installing any cold sensitive plants in the wintertime due to potential freezing weather.

Can you create a butterfly garden?


We would love to and it is one of the most enjoyable gardens that we install. We can give you a massive impact of color with perennials and draw in many different species of butterflies. In addition, most of the plants would be perennials so the cost to do a butterfly garden is very economical and great for kids.